Amika Roundup | Best Amika Products & Why

Many of you know by now that I am, not only, a huge fan and long time user of Amika, but also an Amika ambassador (I've been a fan and a user way longer than an ambassador, not that it matters). As such, I've had the opportunity to try most of their products. I've finally sat aside the time to compile a comprehensive list of all of my favorite Amika products and why! And as an Amika ambassador I have a discount code to offer you all to save you some cash on some beautiful products (MODYOUNG is the code, if you wondered). Anyway, read on for some inspo for products to try (and to fall in love with).


  1. Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Spray: The BEST post-wash product for anyone who blow dries their hair. This product not only pumps up your roots a bit, but also adds in NECESSARY heat protection (if you use heat on your hair, plz use a heat protestant of some sort. thx). I use this literally every time I wash my hair. I even use it when I air dry, without worry of crunchiness or residue like many volumizing styling products. This is an HG for me as someone, with limp hair, who loves a good heat style, for sure.
  2. Exfoliating Jelly Shampoo:The best "clarifying" shampoo around. I have fine, noodly hair, and because of that I use a lot of products to give me body, volume, and texture, and I only wash my hair ~1 time per week. A direct result of that is having a fair amount of product build up on my hair when wash time rolls around. Once every other wash, I like to use this to really thoroughly clean my scalp and roots. It has a granular texture to gently exfoliate the scalp, and really does clean the hair beautifully. Removes all build up, gently! Honestly leaves me feeling like I have new hair. The result is soft, bouncy hair. It's also not drying, which is a HUGE WIN.
  3. Fluxus Touchable Hairspray: This is my go to hairspray for touchable hold. As I mentioned, I have really fine hair. I use hairspray almost every day, and this is one of the best. No crunch or crispiness to be found near this little beauty. Has lasting hold, without the weird residue that a lot of hairsprays can leave behind.
  4. Silken Up Dry Conditioner: I consider Dry Conditioner to be a necessity at this point for anyone who uses Dry Shampoo. I don't even know what I was thinking before I found it, honestly. My hair must've looked super dull OFTEN. Dry Shampoo, or just having dry hair, can leave hair looking dull. I have dry hair and around day 3 or 4 post wash, my hair needs a revival, and Dry Conditioner IS the ticket. It livens up my ends and extends my style. Silken Up is the best one, period.
  5. Perk Up Dry Shampoo: Another favorite. This Dry Shampoo has a cult following and for good reason. It obviously has the standard, beautiful Amika packaging and scent, but it is just So beautifully effective that it makes it stand out from the pack. Perk Up was the first product I tried from Amika years ago, and it has been a staple for me ever since. It absorbs oil without leaving behind a residue. Basically, it's everything a dry shampoo should be. It's pretty perfect, y'all.
  6. Velveteen Dream Shampoo: It's really difficult for me to choose a wash set from Amika that is my favorite, because, tbh, they're all pretty great. But Velveteetn Dream leads the group, just by a slight bit. I have dry hair and, as such, I'm prone to a little bit of frizz, and the whole VD line is great for providing nourishment and smoothness. I can say, with confidence, that all of their wash sets will leave you with shiny, happy, soft locks, but this one is just special to me. This shampoo cleans well without stripping the hair, and leaves everything soft and bouncy (as hair should be)!
  7. Velveteen Dream Conditioner: In an effort to avoid redundancy, I will say that everything from the previous entry applies to this, haha. This conditioner is really nourishing, without making hair greasy or unmanageable. Leaves me frizz free, and a happy lady.
  8. Vault Color Lock Leave in Conditioner: Obsessed is an understatement. If you have dry hair, you need this in your life. This leave in conditioner is my gold standard, because it is SO good. My hair is fine and product can easily weigh it down, but this infuses it with moisture, without being heavy! This beautiful bottle is truly a dream.
  9. Bust Your Brass Shampoo: This is the only purple shampoo I will put near my blonde. It works so effectively that I have never felt any need to try another line. I use this pretty frequently as a means to maintain the cool tone of my hair. A lot of people have misconceptions about what purple shampoo/products will do for hair, but the Bust Your Brass line does everything purple products can do, and does it so, so, so well. This shampoo is effective AF without being harsh, at all. I'm constantly amazed at how healthy my hair looks after using this, because I previously believed purple products were really harsh. If you've ever complimented my hair color, you've indirectly complimented 1. my hair stylist for creating it, and 2. BYB for maintaining it.
  10. Bust Your Brass Conditioner: Again, I don't want to be redundant. This is an amazing pair to the BYB shampoo, or a great addition to another shampoo. It effectively tones the hair while infusing it with moisture. My hair is SO soft and supple after using this. I'm amazed every time that a purple product can be so gentle.
  11. Supernova Blonde: (or regular Supernova, if you're not blonde)! This moisture cream is a game changer for dry hair types. I use this on wet hair as a styling product and on dry hair as a style extender. It is versatile, nourishing, and I love that the blonde version has the lavender aspect for the benefits of a toner. I use this multiple times a week, faithfully, because it is THAT good.
  12. Vandal Volume Powder: In a word, wonderful. I have fine, limp hair, and I crave a lifted root, at any and all hours of the day. Vandal DELIVERS. It comes in a pump, making it mess-free and easy to use. All you do is add it at your roots, and massage it in. It gives the roots a little grit and a lot of lift. Great for adding texture, and achieving some volume, even for the flattest of hairs!
  13. Un.Done Dry Texture Spray: I've mentioned it 300 times at this point, but my fine hair has no texture or body to it naturally. This stuff is beautiful for adding texture and hold to the hair. It gives me a little bit of "messy" look, which I love, and prevents my hair from flopping into my face all day long. This is a must have IMO if you like texture in your hair, or if you have fine hair and are tired of all of the flopping.

***Most Amika products have the same, signature scent. It is very light and super pleasant. I lack the capactiy to explain fragrances. All I can say is that I REALLY like the scent***

And there you have it! 13 products for you to fall in love with, with a discount (MODYOUNG). Amika's products are so high quality, and it's really easy to fall into a committed relationship with them. We love Amika in my household. What's your favorite Amika product?

*Some products were gifted. Discount code is affiliate.*