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Gifts for Beauty Lovers from Target; Holiday, 2019

One of the hardest groups of people to shop for is, surprisingly, beauty lovers. You never know what they have, what they want, what they're really interested in, and so on. I can say that, as a beauty lover, I actually do not like being gifted beauty products, because I'm picky (maybe I'm alone in this, but hey, my paradigm here, lmao), and I don't want anyone to have wasted money on me buying a product I either already have, have no interest in, or would never put near my face (you all know the products). So I've taken it upon myself to round up six of the beauty sets at Target that I think 1. would make really great gifts, and 2. would be well received ( I will mention why and for whom in the descriptors :) ). Let's begin!

  1. Kristen Ess Detangling Brush & Sectioning Clip Set: Retailing for $15 this is a great set for a variety of reasons. It comes with a brush, as well as clips, that combine style with function. It's a gift anyone with hair can appreciate, and, though it is functional, it is so pretty that the function isn't even thought of. It also doesn't have the issue of having a fragrance or "ingredients," so it's perfect for that friend who is sensitive.
  2. Kristin Ess Pillowcase + Mini French Pin Set: $15. This, much like the previous set, is perfect for the beauty lover with sensitive skin, but also would be perfect for just about anyone who enjoys a bit of beautiful luxury. The French pins are gorgeous and can be used as a beautiful hair adornment or a pretty photo prop. The pillowcase is functional, but beautiful. Satin pillowcases are great for overall hair (and skin) health.
  3. Versed Twice As Nice Serum Rolling Gift Set: $16.99. This set is PERFECT for the friend who's always keen to try the newest things. Versed is a new-ish, affordable skincare brand sold at Target, and this would be the perfect set to dip your (or your friend's) toes! It even comes with an adorable facial massage tool. Perfect for the adventurous, skincare junkie in your life.
  4. Pixi By Petra Skin Care Set Best of Milky: $20. For the friend who likes "vanity-friendly" beauty. Pixi's Milky line is gorgeous, and, though I haven't tried it myself, I've heard positive feedback. And, it is 100% photogenic.
  5. e.l.f. Holiday Goody Gum Drops Nail Bag: $10. For the friend who loves nails! This nail polish set gives all kinds of options for a mani or a pedi, and is super affordable.
  6. Bliss Spa Squad Mask Kit: $9.99. This kit is perfect for the mask lover in your life. Bliss masks are highly regarded and this offers a cute sampling of several of them.

Beyond those (what I consider to be my "top 6"), there are many other kits from Real Techniques (for the makeup lover), Burt's Bees (for the body care fiend), Pacifica, and Target themselves (as well as more options from the aforementioned brands!). Target is a one-stop shop for holiday for me. I can find something for anyone on my list in those glowing halls.

What is your go-to for holiday shopping? And what's the best holiday set you've seen this season?!