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Cel MD Microstem Shampoo & Conditioner || Review #AD

Welcome to today's #sponsored post all about hair health! For a lot of people, thick, luscious hair just isn't a part of our daily life, and many of us spend a lifetime chasing after fuller locks. Finding supplements, products, treatments, etc. that actually work is a lot more difficult than general marketing may have you assume. It's a lot of trial and error, and a lot of disappointment along the journey. But finding products that truly work is amazing, and feels as such. So, where do we find such products??

Cel MD Microstem Shampoo and Conditioner contain a patented formula of scientifically proven ingredients to help strengthen hair, and prevent hair loss. Made with Ginseng Stem Cells, Biotin, Keratin, Glycerin and Saw Palmetto, the strengthening formula’s key ingredients help give the scalp and hair the best chance of retaining thickness, and promoting strong regrowth. The formulation also claims to strengthen each hair strand while encouraging cell turnover (to promote growth where hair is sparse), help block the hormone causing premature hair thinning (Most of what happens to our hair is determined by our hormones), and utilize unique hair nourishing proteins that help promote new hair growth. In addition to this duo, we have been testing the Microstem Hair Thickening Mask, which includes the same key ingredients, and holds the same intended function. It is more concentrated and nourishing, and is intended to be used once per week.

The set is intended to be used just as any other shampoo and conditioner. Massage the shampoo into the roots, and work it down the lengths of the hair. Rinse thoroughly, and follow with the conditioner. Concentrate conditioner use on the lengths and ends of the hair, and allow it to sit for 2-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Follow that protocol with the mask once a week!

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Our Experience

My husband and I have been testing these products together (I love it when we have the opportunity to do that)! I felt like these products would be perfect for him, as he is always complaining about his wash set, and also, his hair. My chief complaint is that I shed a lot of hair (which seems to have increased with age), while my husbands chief complaint is thinning hair at the front of his scalp, and just general dissatisfaction with the way products make his hair feel. He has an oily scalp, and I have a dry scalp. He washes his hair every day and I wash my hair once a week, so we are opposite ends of the spectrum, but somehow these products both work really well for both of us.

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My perspective: My very first impression was that these products smell GOOD. Like, really, really, really good. They smell expensive, if that makes any sense, and all three of them smell the same, which means they pair together beautifully. Upon first wash, I discovered that this set washes and nourishes the hair perfectly. I pretty much have the trifecta of issues that makes washing my hair complicated: 1. I use a lot of products that cause build up on my hair. 2. I have really dry hair. 3. I have really fine hair that's easily weighed down. But these withstood all the tests for me. The Microstem Shampoo cleansed my hair easily, without stripping, and without leaving any residue once dried. The Microstem Conditioner is perfectly conditioning. Leaves my hair feeling soft and luscious, and NOT weighed down. The Microstem Thickening Mask is the cherry on top. It leaves my hair feeling silky and extra soft when I use it (and it ALSO truly doesn't weigh my hair down). I am actually shocked at 1. how good these are and 2. how much I genuinely like them. From the packaging down to the performance. I think they're awesome. Over the course of testing them, I have also noticed a lessening in the amount of hair I lose, both when I wash my hair and when I brush my hair.

Husband's perspective: Hi, Morgan still here! I will be transcribing Corey's thoughts for your viewing pleasure. Corey has never been thrilled with a wash set. He's 32, and has been experiencing some thinning in his hair, which has made him pay more close attention to what he's using and what he can do to help prevent that. When I asked him to try these, he actually seemed excited about it (which is a miracle unto itself, haha). And he happily used all three pieces (even the mask. Praise be) throughout the entire testing process. Most days, he has, unprompted, told me he loves how his hair looks and feels. "I really like that shampoo and conditioner," he OFTEN has said. It's actually been really surreal because getting him to use ANYTHING is generally like pulling teeth. So I asked him WHAT he liked about them. 1. He likes how they clean his hair. 2. He thinks he has been losing less hair since beginning use of them. 3. He reports softer, more manageable, generally better appearing hair. I agree with all of his sentiments, based purely off of observation. My husband is truly not easily impressed and is incredibly skeptical of basically any and all products (skincare, haircare, etc), and he has reported all of this to me, HIMSELF with no arm tugging. Y'all don't know my husband, so you don't know how big of a deal this is, but trust me.

*We have not been using it long enough to see hair regrowth results, but the results we have seen so far are pleasant, and my husband has already said that this is a set he will repurchase once we've run out of it.

Closing Thoughts.

We both think this is an excellent set. I don't think it should be limited to people with thinning hair, honestly. I know that's the target demographic, but the bottomline is that this is an excellent wash set that will nourish and strengthen all types of hair. The packaging is convenient, attractive, and slim (easy to store in a shower). I absolutely love that the shampoo and conditioner have pumps. It's extremely pleasant to use, with an exceptional fragrance, and the end result is soft, fluffy, smooth hair. the products are also cruelty free, sulfate free, and safe for chemically treated or colored hair. They're all around winners for me.

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If you're interested in shopping these products click here for the Microstem Shampoo and Conditioner or here for the Microstem Thickening Hair Mask and you can use my code MORGAN30 for 30% off your entire order (valid until 12/31/2019). Thank you for reading, and thank you to Cel MD for this #sponsored post. Until next time, cheers! xx