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Paula's Choice Power Berry Serum | Review

I've had the Paula's Choice Power Berry Serum for quite some time, and tbh, at first I wasn't really into the whole "antioxidant in skincare" thing. I know, super narrow of me. It's not really that I don't believe in antioxidants, but more.... Well... It's just something that is EXTREMELY difficult to actually analyze topically, as just a normal human, looking at themselves in a mirror. Antioxidants are protective against environmental aggressors, help to repair, and help preserve youthful skin.....and I'm sorry, but I honestly didn't know how to observe whether or not that's happening on my face in a short period of time, haha. I was reluctant to test it, because I felt like I would be testing it for 32 years before being able to report back. But ANYWAY, I used it, without expectation, and, while I still maintain that it is extremely difficult to observe whether or not it's "working," for the most part, I do find that my skin absolutely loves it.

Who is She?

Power Berry Serum is a "95% natural serum that gives skin a healthy glow through a potent combination of berries selected for their proven antioxidant power in nature" (as quoted from Paula herself.... or her brand website). As I said, antioxidant laden products are meant to primarily protect the skin. This has a blend of 13 different non-fragrant berry extracts and is meant to restore, replenish, and hydrate the skin, while protecting it at the same time. Power Berry has a thin, milky, serum consistency that blends into the skin almost instantly. It has no discernable scent, and feels extremely pleasant on the skin.

My Experience with Her.

Okay so right off the bat I want to tell you I have combination skin, because skin type definitely can have an effect on one's experience with a product. Anyway! As I previously said, this honestly applies like a dream, sinking in almost immediately. I personally would call this hydrating. TBH it's sufficient hydration for me on a very normal day, but I almost always follow it with a moisturizer, for good measure (if you have drier skin it's almost a given that your experience will differ). I love that it's non fragrant. It hasn't irritated my skin in any way, no breakouts, redness, itchiness, etc. And to be completely honest, I really do think it's made a difference in the overall wellbeing of my skin. When I started using this, I was in a place where my skin was recovering from some damage, and almost always felt a teeny bit "tight" (AKA a terrible feeling). I don't know if it's the reparative aspect or the extra hydration, but I really feel that my skin is generally calmer and happier when I utilize this. As far as protecting me from the environment, I trust PC inherently. If topical antioxidants actually help: I trust that this one does, though I cannot actually visualize the difference.


This is really good, and I really would recommend it. I have several antioxidant serums in my rotation now, and I kind of view them as a supplement. I want my skincare to work as well as it possibly can, and if I'm not doing everything I can to protect my face from the teeny weeny micro-particulates it's breathing in every day, I imagine my skincare won't work as well as it possibly could. So a daily routine for me now includes an antioxidant serum (and OBVIOUSLY ALWAYS an SPF) for protection. Protection is prevention! So protect yourself, in all areas of life :). Make it a habit! If you're on the hunt for an antioxidant serum: this one should definitely be in the running.

Thanks for reading along! Until next time, cheers! Xx, M