Moroccanoil Night Body Serum: Review

We all love serums, am I right? We also generally tend to neglect our bodies, on this space of the internet (don't lie to yourself or to me, you know it's true. We spend tons of time and money on our faces, and little on our bodies. It is what it is! Embrace it!). So when the concept of a body serum flew into my radar, I was literally intrigued. Especially because my skin is hyper reactive during cooler months. I'm prone to feeling dry and itchy literally 27 hours a day, and it's actually unbearable. Not even my most favorite, most luxurious creams work against the havoc that cool weather, dry air, and central heat wreak on my body. It's tragic, and super uncomfortable. Moroccanoil sent me their night body serum to try, right in the nick of time, and I have been testing it in order to give you my FULL opinion. Let's talk about it.

What is Moroccanoil Night Body Serum?

This body serum is intended to smooth, nourish, and firm the skin while you sleep. It is intended for night time use, as the name would suggest. Key ingredients include an antioxidant rich blend of Argan and Tsubaki oils that aid in retaining firmness and maintaining optimal moisture. Holy Basil Extract is included to protect the skin from the environment (very important when living in an urban area). The last key ingredient is Vitamin C Ester which is meant to strengthen and smooth the skin. As a whole, it's basically meant to keep your body hydrated, lively, and youthful. The highlight for me is the intensely nourishing blend of oils, but I also love the idea of Vitamin C Ester in a body care product, and the added environmental protection factor is a big plus as well.

How Do I Use It?

I have been applying this liberally on evenings that I shower, to my entire body. I use a fair bit of product, but the bottle (so far) seems to last forever. The process of working it into the skin is much like a serum on the face. I gently massage until it's mostly absorbed, and then allow it to work in the rest of the way on it's own. It does leave a slight sheen on the skin for a while until it is fully absorbed, but it's not greasy, and isn't bothersome. I've also used this on days when I've not showered, and experienced similar results.

My Experience.

Full disclosure: I am a HUGE Moroccanoil fan. I have been using their hair and body care products for years, so I thought I would like this before I even tried it. My actual experience with it was nothing short of delightful, even if I may have a little bit of bias in my brain. First of all, it comes packaged in a really luxurious, frosted glass bottle. The pump mechanism works pretty flawlessly, as well. So the packaging for me is a win. Now for use: Like I said, I liberally apply this all over. Arms, legs, torso, bum, everywhere that is suitable for a lotion to be applied. And, I swear, my body has never in my life been closer to silk than it has been when I've used this product. It makes my skin so smooth, so supple, and so soft that I literally can't stop nudging my husband, "feel how soft my leg is." He isn't nearly as fascinated as I am. It smells wonderful. Light and slightly citrussy. Beyond that, it maintains the moisture of my skin for a solid 48 hours. For some people, maybe that's not insane, but for this person it IS. I do not shower every day (unless I'm sweaty and need to), I'm also lazy and really tend to only be diligent with body care on nights that I do shower, and with a typical body lotion 12-16 hours post application, I would be dry, scaly and itchy again. It was really awful. This serum, though, really does nourish the skin and provides long lasting comfort. I do not have an issue with loss of firmness, so I cannot comment on how it fares in that department, but I can attest that it has given me smooth, supple, radiant, nourished skin in the time that I've used it. PS: I also swapped back to using different body creams several times during the testing process and could 189% tell a difference.


I love this. I think it's a really unique product that yields really nice results, and it's definitely worth giving a try if you're in the market. And there ya have it! I love it, and would absolutely repurchase. It makes my skin feel and look amazing, and that, my friends, is no small feat during the winter. Thanks for reading along, friends! Until next time, cheers. xx

PS: You can shop this product here. It retails for $62.00.

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