Good Science Beauty Purifying Face Cream: Review #AD.

Hey, friends! Welcome. Today, I'm going to be discussing a product that I've been using recently from Good Science Beauty, which is a newer brand. They currently only have one product available for sale (and that's because a ton of care goes into the production of their stock). Their flagship product is called Purifying Face Cream and it contains environmentally protective technology (that was developed over a literal DECADE), Silicon+, that is literally made to keep your face free and clear of urban pollutants. It delivers amino acids directly to the points of your skin that need them, veils skin in antioxidants for added protection, and helps alleviate pollution induced inflammation. Pollution was honestly something I never considered much when it came to my skin or skincare. Outside of SPF, I was pretty blind. GSB made me realize, often you can't SEE pollution right in front of your face. Pollution is made up of teeny tiny, microscopic particulates, and such tiny things can absolutely infiltrate and embed themselves within your pores. Thus, having a means to protect and detox is very important (ESPECIALLY if you live in a thriving, urban area, but it also applies to smaller cities; pollutants exist everywhere. If there are cars, electricity, or businesses there is pollution). Purifying Facial Cream has been my method of protecting my skin WHILE hydrating, and honestly, I'm loving it.


My Experience

This product has a lightweight, creamy consistency, and a slightly brownish hue. It has no detectable or significant scent, which I appreciate greatly. It blends into the skin seamlessly, and quickly. It's suitable for daily use, and is actually recommended for use twice a day. I, personally, only use it in the evenings after cleansing. I really like it. I have acne-prone, dry (sort of combo) skin, and I've observed less congestion/breakouts since using this cream. Beyond that, I find it to be sufficiently hydrating, even as someone who identifies as having skin on the drier side. I still tend to apply other moisturizers or oils (or both) atop this, but the few moments I used it and applied nothing after, my skin still felt comfortable. Products tend to layer well over it, and I haven't experienced any pilling. Needless to say, this has not broken me out, or irritated my skin (needless to say this, because if it had broken me out or irritated me, I would NOT like it). It's a really solid product, that honestly took me by surprise.

My Final Thoughts

I can't personally tell you if this has purged my skin of all of the issues city living has imposed on it, but I can say that I thoroughly enjoy it. I think it has helped significantly with superficial breakouts. I think it adds a teensy bit of hydration into my routine, and it makes me feel like I am doing something positive for my face. Surely, environmental pollution is imposing some type of negative effects onto my skin, and anything that can help is alright by me. I like the texture and I like the way it works on/for my skin. So, if you're interested in providing a layer of protection to your routine/are interested in lessening environmentally charged or superficial breakouts/helping with congested skin and detox, I would totally recommend giving this product a go. Absolutely no reason not to!

If you've tried this, I would love to hear your thoughts. And, as always, thanks for reading along. Until next time, cheers!! xx

*This post was sponsored by Good Science Beauty, but all thoughts and opinions are my own*