Prose Professional, Personalized Haircare : A Review.

Numerous factors affect hair. The products you use, the environment you live in, your diet, your lifestyle, the heat, the cold, the sun, and I could continue. But who thinks of these things? I 176% do not (or did not). I live in a particularly interesting environment. We have the best of both worlds (read: we get extreme heat and humidity and extreme cold and dryness), and the humidity and dryness have a great impact on the quality of my hair. I have seen special formulated hair care floating around, and I was particularly keen on trying it just because I was curious how it would affect my hair in my environment. Prose Hair Care is JUST the ticket. They have a pretty thorough consultation, and fit you with formulas perfect for where you live, what you do, your hair type, and so on. I've been testing their three step system for a few weeks in hopes of sharing my experience.

The Consultation and My Formulas.

The online consultation is pretty thorough. They ask questions ranging from where you live to how active you are to how varied your diet is. They obviously ask about hair concerns as well, but I found the unconventional line of questioning to be the most interesting. The questionnaire didn't take long, and once submitted, they tick away at creating your perfect formula. My set was delivered to me about 2 weeks later. Included in the box, with my products, was my hair analysis, where they broke down what influences my formula was to be fighting, ingredients, and my hair type. My formula is entirely vegan, and the three step system contains a pre-treatment hair mask, shampoo and conditioner. My particular formulations seemed perfect for me upon first glance. The mask replenishing, the shampoo smoothing and clarifying, and the conditioner shine enhancing and humidity resistant. I was anxious to see what my experience would be.

The Trial.

For my trial period, I decided I would use only the three step Prose system. No post-wash treatments, serums, oils, or sprays; just the mask, shampoo, and conditioner (I was very nervous, as my floppy, spaghetti hair NEEDS product for texture, but I wanted to give an honest look at what they did, alone). The first time I used them, I only used the shampoo and conditioner, and I made a misstep I KNOW not to make. I have short, fine hair and I have to use scarce amounts of any product in my hair or it makes my hair clumpy, dirty, greasy, and unkempt. My hair has ALWAYS been this way, and I KNOW not to use recommended amounts. For whatever reason, though, I went with the recommended amount of each product, and it didn't work out. My hair appeared dirtier once it had dried than it had pre-wash. This mistake was obviously my fault, and I only share so you know to calibrate your use. Use what you normally would, especially if you have fine hair. The second go around, I knew better. I went with my usual product amounts, and my experience was exponentially more positive. I towel dried my hair, proceeded with my evening, and went to sleep with damp hair. What I awoke to honestly surprised me. My hair was soft, felt extremely clean, and had a light bounce to it that is uncharacteristic of my hair. I was extremely pleased, and every time following has been this way.

My Opinion.

Let's start with aesthetics. I love them. 10/10 approve. The bottles are minimal, warm, and inviting. I love the inclusion of pump dispensers for the shampoo and conditioner. I love the personalization of the bottles and the color combos of the bottles and labels. In terms of how it played with my hair, I'm impressed. For having not used ANYTHING else, it went way better than I anticipated. I'm anxious to see how it plays with reintroduced product, and how it will continue to affect my hair into the drier months, (because my hair tends to be the least happy during those points in the year). I don't have particularly damaged or broken hair so I can't attest to how reparative it is, but it does feel nourishing, and makes my hair feel wonderful. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. Especially a "not-hair person." Anyone looking for an all inclusive system that considers a ton of factors!


This is a solid system that has worked really well for my hair, and I would definitely recommend giving it a go. You can find more info here.

Thanks for reading along, friends. Until next time, cheers! x

*Products were gifted by Prose.*