Lilah Beauty: A Review Composed of Dreams

"With less, you are more." An eloquent sentiment that is actually deeply meaningful. Any type of encouragement to consume less is beautiful to me. I am a huge proponent of the idea that happiness should come from within, and that external sources provide a fleeting happiness that is actually almost not worth it, in the end. So.... Did I dig too deeply into their tag line? Because it touched me, and I love it. Lilah Beauty is what I'm referring to, of course. They are a green, conscious brand that encourages a more minimal beauty existence, and I'm really excited to share my thoughts with you.

They gifted me a few bits, and I've been playing with them for at least a month. I'm ready to discuss.

Divine Duo Lip and Cheek

An actual dream. I have almost completely emptied mine (because I cannot stop myself from using it). It is so creamy, so blendable, so beautiful. I don't think I have EVER loved a cream cheek this much in my whole life, and I'll never live without her again. She plays SO well with other make up, and also without. She has a gorgeous texture. She wears beautifully throughout the day, and I absolutely love that she wears beautifully as a blush AND as a lippie. 10/10 this has become my favorite make up step. Apply it with fingers, a brush, a sponge, they all work 100.

Glisten & Glow Skin Illuminator

This is literally the only cream highlight in the history of my make up life that I have ever truly loved. This beauty is SO creamy, so blendable, so pigmented, and so beautiful that it makes me glow from the heavens with the most minimal effort a human being could put toward a project. From the sleek, bronze packaging to the flawless shade to the optimal performance, this baby is a WINNER. Oh yeah, and this is major, it doesn't degrade foundation (I'm pausing for applause on that note).

Virtuous Veil Concealer and Eye Primer

This is a medium coverage concealer, and it works super well for that purpose. It's creamy, blendable, and retains it's coverage. But I LOVE this as an eye primer. My lids struggle hard with creasing and I struggle hard with finding a primer that keeps shadow put without making my eyelids look WHITE. This is the one. It matches my skin tone well, and is a really great base for alllll of the shadows.

Bronzed Beauty

Okay. First of all, this isn't a cream. I expected this to be a cream with every fiber of my being, and I had to recalibrate my expectations when it arrived and was, actually, a powder. But, really though, despite how disappointing many powder bronzers can be, this one is truly excellent. It's stunning (I'm a broken record), it blends itself, and it's not orange, y'all. It's so subtle and so easy to apply that it has quickly wiggled it's way into my top 3 bronzers (sitting alongside some truly big dogs with Marc Jacobs and Charlotte Tilbury, and it holds it's own).

Flawless Finish Foundation

This was the actual only product that didn't completely obliterate my socks. I honestly think it had less to do with the actual product and more to do with my skin, though. I have very scarred, very acne-prone skin, and ya girl needs a solid amount of coverage. This is super sheer. and if I didn't have marred skin, I think it would be my go-to. It does a great job at evening things out and providing a teensy bit of pigment. It's also super easy to apply and blend, but because of my particular brand of skin issues at the moment I cannot make this my daily foundation. I can make it work really well with the concealer, but I have to use a FAIR bit of product to feel really comfortable. So, for now, this is my weekend driver. I am extremely hopeful that I'll get to the point where it's a daily driver, though, y'all! It's only up from here with this face of mine (no, really my face has gotten so much better).

Palette Perfection Eye Quad

Okay, I know you're probably tired of me saying this but, this. eye shadow. is. stunning. It's the most pleasing formula for a shadow I've ever used, and I love that they come in really accessible quads (I often find palettes to be overwhelming with options, and also feel like many brands sacrifice quality for quantity). This product is beautiful, the formula is amazing, and the packaging (ugh). The formula of these makes them crease-proof, without a primer even. And I would argue that B. Stunning is the single most perfect eye palette on this earth at the moment. You can go super basic. You can sparkle it up. You can smoke it out. You can emphasize. It's perfect. I am obsessed.


This will be quick. They're VEGAN, they're BEAUTIFUL. And I love them. The end.

Final thoughts

If you read this you can tell that I've been thoroughly impressed by Lilah B. I think their products are top notch. They're beautifully crafted, beautifully executed, and carry with them a beautiful message. I would recommend trying them out, 100%. Shop here.

*Products were gifted, but opinions are my own*