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CocoKind: An Overview

Cocokind is a beautiful company that aspires to empower women. They are a clean, conscious company that is easily accessible and also cruelty-free. My first introduction to Cocokind was when my husband came home from Whole Foods with their Turmeric Spot Treatment (bless him). I love that Turmeric stick and will stand by that, but I wanted to dive further into their collection, so when they reached out to send some products my way, it was an easy yes. So, what did they send me and what purpose do those products serve (and my thoughts)?

Organic Chlorophyll Mask

Chlorophyll is an amazing antioxidant that detoxes skin naturally. This little beauty only has four ingredients (all of which are jam packed with chlorophyll), and it's a dream. Detox masks are almost always scary to me. Stripping and drying is what I hear when I hear those words strung together. But ingredients like Spirulina detox skin in a good way. This mask is gentle, and leaves my skin feeling HAPPY.

Organic Rose Water Facial Toner

I haven't actually experienced this one on my face yet, but I do love rose in skincare (and just in general), and this product is only ONE ingredient; Rose Hydrosol. This product has a mist dispenser and is meant to reduce dryness, soften skin, and maintain a balanced Ph level. It smells lovely and feels refreshing on the skin, so I have high hopes for this one on my face.

Golden Elixir

This moisturizer is magical. It's rich in Omega 3's and Omega 6's and has Vitamins E & A (again with the only 4 ingredients and all of them I KNOW). It's multi-purpose (can be used in the hair as well), and it is suitable for all skin types. My face loves this elixir, as well as my bleach damaged hair-ends. It smells slightly citrusy, absorbs quickly, and leaves me with a non-greasy, non-broken out glow.

Organic Full Brow Balm

This is skincare for your eyebrows! It has nutrients and antioxidants that help promote hair health and thickness. Ya'll know I love my brows, and this stuff is so lovely. I like to put it on at night mostly (to help condition and nourish my brows after days of make up use), but it's tinted so it works beautifully for a light make up day as well. It's a super unique product, and I love it.


Turmeric, MyMatcha, & Macabeet

This trio of sticks are three of my FAVES. Turmeric is an anti inflammatory spot treatment that I love to use on break outs. Macabeet is a tinted moisture stick (aka a beautiful cheek/lip tint). My Matcha is an all over moisture stick. I literally love all three of these. My Matcha I use around my eyes and on my lips daily. Turmeric is one of my favorite spot treatments for inflammatory acne. And I love Macabeet on my lips. Also, LOVE how travel friendly these are. So easy to throw in a bag, TSA approved, and they all have great ingredient indexes; all the good things.

I absolutely adore Cocokind, what they stand for, and the quality of their products. I also love that they're available at many regular grocery stores! So easy to get, and such reasonable prices. Have you ever tried Cocokind? What was your experience?

Anyway, thanks for reading along, friends! Until next time, cheers. xx

*Most of these products were gifted, and you can shop any of them through the hyperlinks*