Farmacy Bright On : Review

I'm not generally one to hop on a face mask train (yes, it's true; I LOVE MASKING, but I generally stick to what I know, and never expect too much). Bright On was a mask I wanted immediately after hearing about it, though. And I had HIGH expectations. I LOVE Honey Potion, and I figured if Farmacy was releasing another mask, it HAD to have something beautiful inside of it's formula. Spoiler alert: it does. Currently, I've had this mask for about 2 weeks, and I've used it about 6 times (I may need back ups). Let's talk about it.

What is Bright On?

Bright On is a clay-based vitamin c mask that's intended to detoxify, exfoliate, and BRIGHTEN. It's key ingredients include: micro-encapsulated Vitamin C, Kaolin/Bentonite Clay, Aloe + Superfood Blend, fruit-derived AHA blend, and Echinacea GreenEnvy. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that aids with clarity and brightening. Clays are detoxifying. Superfoods and Aloe are soothing and nourishing. AHAs are exfoliating. Echinacea Green Envy is is an antioxidant that helps encourage collagen production, fights environmental damage, and helps promote healthy skin. All together these ingredients blend together like a little dream that's meant to be used 2-3 times a week for 5-10 minutes each time.

The tactile experience of this mask is excellent. It is so smooth, I actually still can't believe it. It feels cool in the hands, and the application is beautiful. The color of the mask shifts from lavender to green, as it's massaged into the skin. The micro capsules of vitamin c burst during that period as well. It dries down wonderfully, and works really well.

My Experience

Well, I spoiled myself a bit in the beginning by saying that I've already used this mask 6 times in two weeks. I am obsessed. I think it is one of the most useful/effective masks I've ever used, and it has been since the very first time I used it. First of all, it's incredibly gentle. It doesn't irritate my skin at all, which is kind of new for my sensitive skin in relation to clay masks. A+ on that point. Second of all, it's satisfying. It's definitely satisfying in a different way than Honey Potion is, but it's still amazing. The texture and consistency are so creamy and smooth, and the color shift, while novel, is enjoyable to me. Third, and most importantly, it is AMAZING. My skin has never looked better since this walked into my life. It leaves my face smooth, glowy, and refined. The results have actually blown me away (I had really high hopes for this, as it was my first Vitamin C mask and I love AHAs, and I needed to find a clay mask gentle enough to work for me. AKA: disappointment would have probably come easily). I honestly have no negative feedback to report on this one. So far, I've loved every Farmacy product I've tried, and this one is no different. Oh yeah, also, my husband used this, and thanked me the next morning for his, "perfect face." So, there's that.


Buy it. It's really good.

Anyway, thanks for reading along, friends! Until next time, cheers! xx

*Product discussed was gifted*