Creams for the Summer

Cream make up is literally all I want, well, ever, tbh, but ESPECIALLY during the summer. Cream products are the quickest, easiest way to get you to that glowy, dewy, natural place you want your face to be, and we are ALL here for it, am I right? Let's talk about some of mu current fave creams

Lilah B.

Let's just talk about the most important one first, shall we? Lilah Beauty is seriously some of the best make up I have ever used in my life, and I will continue to stand by that. Their products literally blend themselves, ergo they're pretty much foolproof. The Glisten & Glow cream highlight* and Lip and Cheek duo* are an actual necessity on my face at the moment. They are so effortless and so dreamy that I honestly feel lucky to be graced by their presence. They lend themselves to n extremely natural look (or you can pack on that lip & cheek for a really delicious glammed out look), and they have NEVER degraded my base, at all. These are two staples that I would recommend to anyone.

Milk Matte Bronzing Stick

Milk does amazing makeup, I'll just throw that out there, but their cream bronzer has changed my life. I've tried a million cream contours and have never been super satisfied with any of them until this beautiful bronze goodness walked into my life. Again, I swear this product blends itself. It smells like Crayola crayons (some people may find that off-putting but I find it nostalgic), it applies really smoothly, doesn't degrade foundation, and blends like a seamless crayon made of dreams. I absolutely LOVE it.


Tarte Cheek Stain

This is an OG fave of mine. I've always loved Tarte's cheek products, and this one is no exception. It has lovely pigment and consistency, applies really nicely, and gives a gorgeous flush. Obsessed with it.


First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Mango Butter Multi Stick

This little friend is quite new to me, and tbh, I had NO idea FAB made makeup, but I'm not going to lie-I'm impressed! I got it in a three piece set from the Weekly Wow Section at Sephora (a travel sized cleanser and two other products for $15, uh, yes). Anyway, it took me a hot minute to try it but it is gorgeous! This is something I wear on a no make up day to just add a little pop to the points of my face. It's really subtle and I've found that it doesn't work super well with heavy make up, but it gives me something extra without being too much on a no make up day (I love pairing it with the Pearl from Tatcha; they're my no make up go to's). It's a lovely champagne shade and glides on like a dream. It's a truly effortless highlight, as it's very subtle, which makes it PERFECT for no make up days. I love glowing to the heavens, but this is perfect for those other times.


What are your favorite make up products for summer? I'd love to hear. Anyway, thanks for reading along! Until next time, cheers! XX

*gifted products