Amika : A Dreamy Line for Dreamy Hair

I have the pickiest hair on this good green earth. It's thick, but it's fine. It's poofy, but also manages to be flat. It's color treated, but it's pretty healthy. It's basically soft spaghetti noodles with no texture, body, or life. AKA: don't ever think of leaving the house without AT LEAST hair spray. I've been building up my hair care reserves in recent months (mostly because I put a ton of care into my skin health, and I felt I wasn't putting ENOUGH into my hair), and with that build came Amika. Now, I've known about Amika as a brand for a while (I used their dry shampoo for a long time), but they had somehow fallen off my radar when I stopped putting effort into my hair. I had the opportunity to test a number of their products on my picky hair, and I'm here to share some results.

Let's Wash

Normcore Shampoo, Conditioner & Soulfood Nourishing Mask

These are standard pieces in a standard hair care routine. Normcore shampoo and conditioner are the normies of the Amika line; a normal shampoo and a normal conditioner. I'm ordinarily not a fan of regular shampoo and conditioner, because I have color-treated blonde hair, which lends itself to being dry (I normally opt for more hydrating formulas). Much to my surprise, however, I found the Normcore series to be sufficiently hydrating (I was actually shocked). They left my hair feeling soft and lush even with no other products! Like I said, shocked. Soulfood is what I would consider to be the third piece to this lovely little family. It's a nourishing mask, and it's great. I don't use a mask every time I wash, but when I do: Soulfood is what I reach for. It leaves my locks feeling significantly softer. All three of these products smell divine (the entire Amika line has a signature scent, and it is, quite literally, to-die-for). I've used all three of these alone, without styling product, with styling product, and they held their own, no matter their circumstances. SUPER pleased with these.

The Kure Repair Shampoo & Bust Your Brass Conditioner

These are the two I use every other week, on my 'purple days' (AKA: the days I tone my hair). The Kure shampoo is not a purple shampoo, but it is extra nourishing, which we all know is important for a fake blonde. Bust your Brass conditioner is a purple conditioner, however, so you'll want to stay away from that unless you're in the market for some lock toning. I L O V E these. I love the scent (I'll quit talking about it eventually), I love how soft they make my hair, I love that the purple conditioner does tone my hair but DOESN'T turn it lavender. I just love them. One little extra that I adore is throwing a tiny scoop of Soulfood in with the purple conditioner for just a slight added bit of hydration. Literally works like a charm. These also play well on their own or layered with other styling products, and they are currently my two favorite blonde-care wash set.

Let's Treat & Style

Bust Your Brass Leave In Treatment

This stuff intrigued me from moment one. It's a purple, toning, foam treatment to be used on a damp hair. First of all, love a foam treatment (it's a quirky thing that makes me happy in a sensory type of way). Second of all, I LOVE this for normal wash days. My hair is dying to turn warm every second of it's life, but I like to use a nourishing wash between purple product uses to avoid any breakage, dryness or damage that they may cause, and this is the perfect addition to that routine. I use this after my normal washes, and it is sufficiently toning without any dryness, damage, or breakage. Plus, it smells amazing, and it is just really fun to use a foaming product (I know I've already said that).

Un.Done Texture Spray & Phantom Hydrating Dry Shampoo Foam

Styling is arguably the most integral part of hair care for a fine haired lady like me. It can make or break the overall look of the hair, and if it's floppy, well what's the point of a good wash anyway, eh? Dry texture spray gives me LIFE, and Un.Done is my new #1. It's effortless, easy to use, and doesn't make my hair look crunchy, at all. It layers well with hair spray and other finishing products, and gives my that piecey, dirty look that I love without any unnecessary grit or shine. On to the last one: Phantom Hydrating Dry Shampoo Foam is the strangest dry shampoo I've ever used but I love it (again with the quirky details). It's obviously a foam, and you basically rub it on your roots. And hey! It WORKS! And it doesn't leave any type of sheen (you know that baby powder dusty look that some dry shampoo leaves? not this one). It's hydrating, but also removes oil, and I was shocked that I liked it. I still use normal dry shampoo (their Perk Up option is FAB), but I do love this.


Amika is a really solid brand from their packaging to their products to their quality. They're cruelty-free (obviously), they all smell amazing, look wonderful, and work exactly as they claim to. ALSO, BONUS: their packaging is slim, and it makes storage a breeze. It's rare for me to enjoy so much from a single line, and I love that this was the line that worked for me (because their packaging is literally necessary in my life now).

Have you used anything from Amika? If you've tried anything that I haven't that you loved, send the recs my way! I'm ready to further explore! You can click on the header titles on any product to shop these products or visit Amika! Anyway, thanks for reading along, friends. Until next time, cheers!

**These products were gifted to me without obligation, and all thoughts are 100% honest**