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Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream Review

I am always a little bit leery of trying new moisturizers, for fear of breaking out, irritation, ineffectiveness, etc. But I took the leap pretty quickly on this one, and I'm not mad that I did. Let's talk about why!

What is Waterfall?

This moisturizer claims to be anti-aging, protecting, enriching, hydrating, and is formulated with some pretty interesting ingredients: Alaska Glacier Water (Mineral-rich ingredient that protects against free radicals while enabling moisture absorption), Xpertmoist (fusion of ferment extract and amino acids that shields skin from dehydration while improving skin vitality), Iceland Moss (calms skin), and Cha-7 es Complex™ (An exclusive peptide formula that promotes skin's natural regeneration process). Essentially it's a mineral-rich cream that hydrates, protects skin against environmental offenders, and supports vitality of the skin. This also is supposed to be suitable for any skin type!

My Experience

This cream smells like absolutely nothing (literally not mad about it), feels like gel, and is very refreshing. I love the really light, gel/water texture. It's super enjoyable to apply, and allows it to absorb really well. It almost feels cool (I don't know if that's total placebo induced by the NAME, but at any rate, it FEELS like a nice refreshing drink of water on a hot day). It absorbs quickly and make up wears pretty wonderfully overtop of it. It is calming, in a way, reducing some amounts of redness and puffiness that I often experience. It has not caused me any congestion, and it is super hydrating, but light enough for hot summer days. I've really been enjoying incorporating it into my routine, and I'm especially enjoying the fact that it doesn't break me out, y'all!


This is an incredibly solid moisturizer. It makes my skin feel supple and plump, calms, and wears well under my make up (while keeping the surface of my skin hydrated all day long). It also hasn't irritated my skin or caused me any adverse reactions. So if you're on the hunt for a lighter weight hydration option for the summer time, I would definitely recommend giving this a sample! 

Thanks for reading along, friends. Until next time, cheers! x

*Product mentioned was gifted, but all opinions are my own*