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Tatcha The Pearl : Dreamy, But Not Quite Satisfactory

Tatcha's Pearl is really awesome, in theory. I mean, it's literally an adorable lavender Pokéball orb that's filled with a creamy substance meant to brighten, hydrate, smooth, firm, and repair your under eye area. Um, what's not to love (on the surface)? So basically, this is a tinted eye cream, with light refracting pigments to BRIGHTEN, that's meant to prevent aging long-term and provide coverage and brightness short-term. It has a few awesome-for-you ingredients in it that are meant to do great things; Uji Green Tea, to prevent aging, Okinawa Mozuku Algae, to provide water retention, and Akita rice, for moisture. All good things! I bought this originally because I wanted something I could wear on minimal make up days; I have dark under eyes and I don't love them. So on minimal make up moments I could have a little brightness to boost my confidence! Also, not going to lie, I like a good little color corrector, but don't currently have one, so I thought maybe this could provide me a little brightness on full make up days. Okay, so does it hold up?


I'm not going to lie, this is super annoying to apply. It's really easy to apply incorrectly and when you do, it can look like you've aged 15 years in 26 seconds. You only need a teensy tiny amount, and the only way it applies well is with fingers (and a beauty blender). Also, it actually takes forever to make it look decent, which is really not wonderful considering I thought this would be like applying an eye cream (spoiler: it isn't). At it's worst: it's super patchy, clings to imperfections, and blends horribly. At it's best: it applies evenly and makes the under eye area look pretty great. Another downside (which has nothing to do with application) is definitely that it only comes in 3 shades, and the lightest is suitable for my summer skin (which means it will be way too dark in the winter). 


This wears decently, if it's applied well, for about 6ish hours. After that six hour mark, it starts to degrade and crack. AKA It looks real bad. It does not wear well under make up. I actually think that it literally disappears into thin air when anything is blended over top of it. That's a bummer, but it was never marketed that way, as far as I know.


While I do enjoy this in certain circumstances, I don't really think it's worth $48. If you have $48 to drop on something just because it's pretty, go for it. If you have really perfect under eyes and you are just looking for a tiny bit of brightening, perfect. If you have normal-ish eye areas, I don't really think this is even close to a life-changing product. So, yeah, this definitely wasn't a full on win for me. The packaging is cute and I enjoy it well enough, though. I like it well enough that I will be keeping it. It makes my under eyes look bright, smooth, and supple (now that I've figured out how to apply it), for the short duration it lasts. I will not be repurchasing it, but I will enjoy the one that I have.

Thanks for reading along, friends. Until next time, cheers! xx