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Milk Make Up Kush Mascara: A Natural Mascara to be Pumped Over

I'm a mascara gal. If you were to ask me what two make up items I absolutely cannot live without, those two items would be mascara and a brow pencil. Always and forever. Brows and lashes give me life. But lashes are the number one. I'm always on the hunt for one that does something, anything differently. Milk Makeup's Kush mascara piqued my interest because of the CBD content. I know that CBD and hemp are a totally hot item right now so that can be seen as gimmicky, but, hey, if it can contribute to amazing creams that nourish skin-why not hair, too? So I bought it. Now let me give you the full run down. 

The Formula

Kush is a vegan mascara, and (while I don't use exclusively vegan cosmetics) I love finding vegan products I can get behind. The unique formula of Kush blends heart shaped fibers with CBD infused hemp oil to make a flake free formula that creates thick, hydrated lashes. The brush is tapered and tree-shaped to prevent clumping, and to make the product easy to layer.


Okay, so, honestly, it took me a hot few seconds to get used to the formula and the brush, because I personally think it is super clump prone. It's a very thick, large, dense brush and it's really easy to get too much product and end up with mascara all over your face. With that being said, after I got used to it, I really started to like it. I realized it is ESSENTIAL to let the layers dry before adding more (it's a super wet formula, and I am 187% not a one layer of mascara kind of lady). Now that I am fully used to the application, I can fully attest to my wear experience.


I'm not going to lie, I heard some awful things about the longevity of this before I got it, so I was really nervous. I have watery eyes at times, and if a mascara is going to run, it's going to run on me. My first applications weren't great, as you probably inferred from the previous section, but I still thought it wore pretty well. It didn't smudge or run on me. Now that I've gotten the application process down, it's become a great little friend of mine. It wears pretty well on me all day (and all day for me is like 7am-9pm). BUT I almost always wear mascara exclusively on my top lashes. To put it fully to the test, I wore it on top and bottom lashes for a full day, and took photos (yes, I really need to do my brows; don't judge me). 

Obviously the photo on the left is before application, and the photo on the right is after. Now I will show you before, and eight hours later!

There is a tiny bit of smudging under my lash line, and I can't tell if it's from the product smudging over time, or if it's from where I smudged the wand under my eyes during application (because that definitely happened; I am not used to lower lash mascara AT ALL). You can see that the product has slightly degraded on my lashes but nothing major at all, and, honestly, I'm impressed (and grateful I don't have the transfer issues many people complain of). 

My Verdict

I really love this mascara despite our rocky start together. I don't know that the CBD has provided any notable benefits to my lashes long-term, but I do think my lashes feel less crunchy while I'm wearing Kush, and that's a win in itself. I love the packaging. It feels super luxurious and expensive in the hand. It's a beautiful and heavy silver tube with sleek black lettering on it. And I also love the way it wears. It, in my opinion, is a super natural mascara. I can't layer it to get a super dramatic lashline, but I think it works amazingly for every day wear. It's definitely in my top three mascaras at the moment, and I will definitely be repurchasing it. So final verdict? 8/10 would recommend. 

Have you used Kush? What are your thoughts on it? 

Thanks for reading, friends. Until next time, cheers!