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Deco Miami Spring Collection: Colors for Every Finger

I am the pickiest about nail polish. First of all, I only buy cruelty-free, and cruelty-free nail polish can be difficult to obtain. Beyond that, I am really picky about shades. I've never been a primary colors person. I like colors that are a little bit outside the box, and, honestly, even in 100 shade ranges, I sometimes find it difficult to find things that feel or look unique. Beyond even that, I'm not a fan of run of the mill polish packaging. I am an aesthetically appreciative person, and I like products that double as vanity decor (superficial? maybe). Like I said, I'm picky. I've made peace with it. Enter: Deco Miami. Deco's Range is comprehensive, and has something for everyone, while managing to have some of the most unique hues I've seen in the polish world. I was introduced to Deco's founder, Jules, and by extension, Deco Miami, not too terribly long ago. And I fell in love. Jules is a 20-something entrepreneur, and, honestly, goals. she formulated a plan for a business while she was in college, she went for it, and it's beautiful (she's also actually the nicest). Deco is female founded & operated, and I am so here for it. Their polishes are 8-free, cruelty-free, beautiful enough to display, and vegan (also, Jules does all of sketches on their beautiful packaging herself, and, as a fellow artist, I am strongly encouraging you to sprint to her website to check them out). Okay, now let me show you some photos of my nails (go easy on me, I have grandma hands, and I've never taken a nail photo in my life), and explain to you why  this new line is brilliant. 

Deco's new range consists of 4 shocking, versatile, easy to wear colors. The shades are Frenchie, Bésame Mucho, Moonstone, and I'm Spiritual.


This lavender shade is the MVP of lavenders. It took two coats to become opaque, but applied smoothly and gorgeously. I'm a big fan of wearable purple tones, and I genuinely think this shade would befit anyone. It's delicate and clean, with a touch of whimsy. It's also what I have on my fingers as I type this. 

Bésame Mucho

Bésame Mucho is this gorgeous rosey mauve that is appropriate for any situation. It's flirty, but also polished, and that's something I really love about it. I also genuinely feel like it's a really unique shade that would look perfect on anyone's fingers. I used two coats, it applied super smoothly, and was perfectly opaque. 


I think Moonstone is my favorite. It's this crazy opalescent jelly formula with this beautiful pink lean, and I just cannot with it. It's retro and chic at the same time. Three coats will make it opaque, and every time the sun hits it you get a pretty surprise. I'm not a massive fan of white on my skin tone, but the iridescence added to this shade makes me LOVE it. 

I'm Spiritual

Okay, so I've decided while writing this that I don't know what my favorite shade is, because this one is definitely in the running, too. It's this sage green with a gorgeous taupe undertone that I can't get over. As with most of the others, this took two coats to become opaque, and also applied like a dream. 

I'm a massive fan of Deco Miami. I think the packaging of the polishes is chic and sleek, but I also love that it's also functional and practical. The applicator and handle are easy to hold and maneuver in both of my hands, which is kind of a big deal. I love that they are so beautiful, and that the product is just as beautiful as the bottle.  Total package, am I right? 

Anyway, thanks for reading along, friends. I hope you will check out Deco's website and Instagram, because they are both beauties to behold. Until next time, cheers!

*Products mentioned in this post were generously gifted*