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Context Skin: Sometimes Simple is Better

I'm always on the hunt for functional, practical skincare that is easy to understand, easy to incorporate, and easy to follow. The reason there is such a pronounced carved out space in my heart for those types of product lines is because a lot of people in my personal life struggle with figuring out where to start and where to go with skincare. Context skin is a clean, cruelty-free brand that claims to work well for all skin types. Their line is simple, easy to follow, and they even offer some comprehensive sets! It's a beginner's dream, and the fact that their aesthetics are on point does not hurt their cause. I'm going to give you a brief overview of the products I have from them, and tell you my opinions on the things I've tried. 

Total Oil Cleanser

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Their Total Oil Cleanser is your basic oil cleanse. It's supposed to be tough on make up, hydrating, soothing, and it has some excellent active ingredients in it's pocket. Jojoba Oil, Safflower Oil, Olive Oil, Squalane, and Vitamin C work together to provide a gentle, yet effective cleanse. Jojoba Oil is a natural anti-bacterial, Safflower and Olive Oil keep skin hydrated, Squalane is soothing, and Vitamin E helps protect skin from free radicals. Overall, this is an excellent recipe with excellent aims, but does it measure up? I have tried two of their products and this happens to be one of them. I am always hesitant towards things that contain fragrance, because I have sensitive, unpredictable skin, but this product surprised me. In the past I've found it super difficult to find effective cruelty-free make up removing cleansers. I wear a full face of make up most days, and some cleansers just can't cut it. This one, however, worked really well on my skin. It didn't leave me irritated and it effectively removed my make up without stripping my skin of all of it's natural moisture. Absolutely will continue using this. I don't LOVE that it has fragrance, but I am thrilled that it doesn't irritate my skin.


Intensive Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

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This little beauty is meant to be an intensely hydrating, protective, restorative, and brightening daily moisturizer, with the added benefit of broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It's active ingredient list includes Glycerin and Aloe (to soothe and calm skin), Rose Hips Extract (to help condition skin), Natural Marigold Extract (to soothe and protect skin), Allantoin (to promote skin repair and reduce free radical activity on the skin), Vitamin C & E (to provide antioxidant protection), and natural Orange Peel Oil (to provide a light, refreshing scent). It also has Avobenzone 2.0% and Octinoxate 7.5% for SPF. For the record, I have read that these two ingredients when combined together degrade rapidly and don't provide adequate UV protection. I'm obviously not a scientist, and I don't know how true that statement is, but I do not mess around when it comes to SPF, so I feel obligated to at least mention the possibility that this may not provide adequate coverage for extremely sunny circumstances. I always wear at least SPF 30 on my face, but even otherwise I would likely opt to not use this alone when spending time in the sun (and if you choose to, I would advise you to at least proceed with caution when doing so; no sunburns here!). All in all this seems like a really lovely moisturizer. I have not used it on my face yet, but it smells lovely and has a nice consistency. The SPF 15 is probably a nice layer of initial protection but I would definitely layer more SPF over top and reapply frequently!

Vitamin C All Day Eye Cream 

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This eye cream is fragrance free (which I love) and is meant to be hydrating, revitalizing, and preventative. It's active ingredients include Angelica and Echinacea Extract (to calm skin), Licorice Extract (to soothe), Grape Seed Extract (to reduce inflammation and prevent bacteria), and Vitamin C & E (antioxidant protection against environmental factors). I have used this eye cream multiple times and it is actually really decent! I find that I am super difficult to wow in the eye cream department, and while this is not my new holy grail, I will definitely continue to reach for it. I have relatively sensitive eye areas, and I don't find this irritating at all. It leaves my eyes feeling hydrated, and I love that I feel like it helps protect my delicate eye areas against environmental stressors.

Antioxidant Serum

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The antioxidant serum is probably the product I was most excited to try and I haven't yet (get it together, Morgan)! This is a deeply hydrating and protective serum. It's said to be incredibly gentle and nourishing (especially for dry skin!). Literally a product that is right up my street. I love products that provide protection, nourish, and help repair. It's ingredient list includes Chamomile Extract (to soothe and reduce irritation), Arctic Birch Extract (to heal), Tamarind Extract (to protect against UV), Rosewood and Maple Extract (to protect against free radical), Cucumber Extract (to help restore moisture balance), Glycerin and Aloe (to moisturize, soothe, and calm), Sodium Hyaluronate (to moisturize and condition), Allantoin (to promote healing and moisturize), and Vitamin E (to protect). This product is fragrance free as well, and seems like a dream. I literally cannot wait to try it!

Overall, I am impressed by the things I have tried so far, and incredibly hopeful for the things I haven't (especially that serum)! This brand makes me smile, because I know it's a place I could direct a friend to, and not have to provide a ton of guidance for them to know what is appropriate to incorporate into a routine. I love practicality and functionality, and I love that Context's line isn't super flashy or cumbersome. It's straight forward, each item has a purpose, and I'm really excited to have had the opportunity to experience some of their line! Oh, and as a last note, their brand aesthetic is so clean and minimal; I absolutely love it. It would look amazing on any vanity. The icing on top of a cake built from great products.

Thanks for reading along, friends! Until next time, cheers! *all products mentioned in this post were generously gifted*