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Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bod Buff: A Body Exfoliant Perfect to Prep for a Summer Glow

I am a big fan of exfoliating everything that I possibly can, but I also have really sensitive skin. It's a precarious balance, my life with exfoliation, and finding a beautiful dreamboat of a body exfoliator is akin to finding a unicorn to me. Ladies and gentleman, I have a new one to add to the arsenal. 

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What is Bod Buff?

Bod Buff is this really interesting combo of exfoliating scrub and detoxifying mask. It retails for $24 for a generous 5.4oz tube at Sephora and through SDJ's independent website and is a really unique take on a scrub. It's jam packed with nourishing ingredients that work double time to keep the exfoliation and purifying aspects effective, but to also soothe any type of irritation those functions may cause. To exfoliate, it utilizes Brazilian Quartz Crystal, Tropical Volcanic Pumice, and Rice Grain. For the detoxification aspect, it utilizes Amazon River Kaolin Clay. And for the soothing aspects, it utilizes the tried and true SDJ blend of Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí, and Coconut Oil. To use it as a scrub, you simply massage it into wet skin, and gently remove with a pouff. As a body mask, you apply it to your skin and let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes, gently washing it away following use with a pouff or washcloth. It's a beautiful process.

My Bod Buff Experience 

Bod Buff is one of the most luxurious exfoliating scrubs I have ever used. It truly is an experience for the senses. It has an amazing tactile feel, the scent is divine, and the visual texture is amazing. I love that it's dual acting. I love how smooth, supple, and soft it leaves my skin. I love that it doesn't leave me red, bumpy, or irritated the way many physical body exfoliants can. And I especially love how effective it is before self tanning! I use it all over my body (it's especially great on my notoriously dry and rough elbows, feet, and knees. Gross to speak of, I know). The Sol De Janeiro nourishing blend is one that continues to amaze me. From it's scent to it's hydration, it literally never disappoints. It's recommended to use the Brazilian 4-Play Shower Cream Gel following Bod Buff, which I do, and I LOVE. I have found that I don't even really NEED lotion following a shower with that dynamic duo (but I apply it anyway, because I'm not one to risk the itchy dryness). All in all, though, this exfoliant is a new staple in my shower. I waited months before trying it, and now I'll never go back. 

Have you tried this game-changer? I would really love to hear about your experience! Thanks for reading along. Until next time, cheers! xx

*The product mentioned in this post was generously gifted to me by the phenomenal people at Sol De Janeiro.*