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Fur Oil: An Essential for Everyone

Body hair is something most people have, and that most people neglect. If it's not on our heads, we don't think about it, right? I was extremely guilty of this. I have always cared about how my mane looks, because it is something everyone sees, but I paid very little attention to other areas of my body. It wasn't until my introduction to Fur oil that I even realized this discrepancy. I heard raves about it before I ever even thought of trying it, so upon receiving it, my expectations were already high. So, let's have a little chat about Fur Oil, shall we?

What is Fur Oil?

Fur is a special blend of oils created to soften, condition, and improve areas that grow hair. It has key ingredients such as Grape Seed Oil, which contains vitamins A & E to nourish, Jojoba oil, which softens and hydrates, Clary Seed Oil which reduces inflammation and regulates oil production, and Tea Tree Oil, which is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory (it helps stop ingrown hairs, y'all!). All in all, its a gorgeous blend, with gorgeous aims. It smells earthy and wonderful. Now, how do you use it?

How To Use Fur Oil?

I made this way too complicated when I first received it. I totally psyched myself out thinking I would use it incorrectly! The truth is, though, I've found that it's pretty impossible to use incorrectly. You can use it literally anywhere hair naturally grows (I would not use it on the roots of the hair on your head because it is quite oily). For example: Eyebrows? Yes. Split ends? yes. Unmentionables? Yes. Beards? YES. Places you're prone to developing razor burn or ingrown hairs? YES YES YES. Like I said, have hair, will work. It's impossible to use incorrectly. Now, let's move onto my personal experience!

My Fur Experience

For the sake of science, my husband and I both tested this. He is a hairy man, with a full beard, and I am considerably less hairy, but super ingrown hair-prone. We discussed it after our experimentation period, and our findings were similar. We both found that the oil really did condition and soften our respective hairs. He has very course hair, and I noticed an extreme difference in the texture of his beard. He uses beard oil anyway, which he has always enjoyed, but I think we both enjoyed Fur more. It gave his beard a nice, healthy sheen, it felt soft and supple, and it smells really lovely. It really took some arm pulling to get him to test this, so the fact that he was so pleased when I quizzed him about his personal experience should really say something. Personally, I was mostly intrigued with this product because of the ingrown hair aspect. I get them on specific parts of my legs, underarms, and bikini line and they look awful and I loathe them (I'm being really honest, okay?) So i started using this after shaving on those areas, I'll be darned if it didn't help (insert shocked face). I have never had success with shaving cream or gel or anything IN MY LIFE, so the fact that this helps me makes me a massive fan. I've also been using this on my color treated (blonde) split ends, when they're wet (just a tiny bit mixed with my Moroccan oil) and I am obsessed. Also, eyebrows and any other hair. I love the scent. I love how it softens. I LOVE that it helps my ingrown hairs (raising the roof, y'all). I am so pleased.

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What Should you Take Away From This?

Fur Oil is really awesome and I am now encouraging you to think about whether you're tending to your various body hairs the way that you should! It's a game changer; realizing that you aren't taking care of something the way that you should, and then implementing that change. It's made me feel like a new woman! If you do try it, I hope you share your experience with me :).

That's it for now, babes. Thanks, as always, for reading along. Until next time, cheers!

*The product mentioned in this review was generously gifted by the lovley people at Fur Oil.