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Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask : The Hype That Opened My Eyes

Okay, so I am most certainly about to present you with a (my) very unpopular opinion and I want to get this out of the way right here at the beginning: I am sorry, but I am not sorry. I have to tell the truth about the things I test. I do however want you to keep in mind through this whole piece: this is MY experience. All of the things are subjective. SO, without further ado, let's discuss my Jet Lag Mask experience.

I first heard of the Jet Lag mask about a month ago, and, as someone who has dry skin, and especially dry skin when traveling, my interest was piqued. It claims to be incredibly hydrating, brightening, and protecting (AKA: PERFECT for post-travel skin, hence the name). Those claims propped up by their content: Vitamins C & E, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Arginine as active ingredients. Retailing at $48, I felt it was fairly priced for all of what it claims to do. I bought it the first time I saw it in stock from Summer Fridays website, and I waited anxiously for it's arrival. It took me a pretty long time to try it, because I was dealing with some skin issues and wanted clarity before introducing anything new. Anyway, we achieved clarity, and I, like a very insane child, slathered a generous amount all over my face. The initial experience was okay. It felt cool and tingly on the skin, had a pleasant scent, and acted the way I expected it to while in use. It's a white cream that absorbs during wear, presumably providing an extra added, delicious layer of plump hydrated skin when removed.

I was not wowed, by any means, by the immediate results. My skin felt about as okay as it did after cleansing, and it looked the exact same. And, so as to give it a fair chance, I basically pegged it as, 'decent.' Slowly, over the next couple of hours, my opinion went from 'decent,' to, 'really not great.' It's almost like it completely dehydrated my face. I lean dry, generally, but this introduced a new layer of tightness to my skin's life. It left me itchy, irritated, and a whole lot disappointed. All of which were neither welcome nor appreciated. I basically soaked my face in Marula oil before going to sleep, and when I awoke, I had three quite large new face friends (AKA: zits). I tried Jet Lag on one more occasion with the exact same results, and decided I REALLY wanted to return it. There are tons of people who genuinely love and enjoy this product, but it 100% does not agree with my skin, therefore I really do not think it was worth $48 plus tax, for me personally.

Then, I learned, Summer Fridays does not offer refunds for opened products (really just an added note for your benefit, if you're considering ordering it).

Every, single person has different experiences with products. There is NOTHING inherently wrong with this product. It has good aims, good ingredients, and a good process. It just simply does not work for me. So my recommendation for you? If you are interested in this product: Understand that everything works differently for everyone, THAT HYPE IS SOMETIMES HOT AIR AND NOTHING ELSE, and consider buying it from Sephora because they have an amazing return policy.


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Want an alternative? I've lived by Glossier's Moisturizing Moon Mask for months. It's been my go to for when I feel dry, dehydrated, or just plain dull. It, in my opinion, is really great. It's brightening and moisturizing; plumping and nourishing. The packaging is very, very different, but the product appearance, application, and wear instructions are almost exactly the same. Their product descriptions and aims are similar, despite having varied ingredient indexes. I have had great success with the Moon Mask and it's intended aims. So in an effort to end on a bright note, that's what I offer you: Glossier's beautiful little moisture mask. Check it out. Or check out Jet Lag, or check out both.

*Important note*

Part of the reason I felt compelled to share this is because I've found myself falling into the hype hole more than usual lately, and this is an important moment for me to acknowledge that hype means nothing. BUT BEYOND THAT, I also feel it's pretty important to state that this is merely my opinion and I do not think you should ever take ANYONE'S opinion as the end all be all of anything. Do your research, keep looking into things. Maybe your skin type is vastly different than mine, or someone else's for that matter. Just take everything with a grain of salt, and ALWAYS keep your mind open.

Thanks for reading along, friends. Until next time, cheers!