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My Glossier Must Haves

If you were ever wondering where to start with Glossier, a good answer is: anywhere. However, if you were searching for some specific recommendations: look no further! These are the products I am 100% here for in the Glossier line and WHY. Let's get started!

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1. Boy Brow

First and foremost, of course: Boy Brow. IS ANYONE SURPRISED? Boy Brow is a cult favorite, and for GOOD reason. It is truly the best brow gel I have ever used. I am obsessed with brow maintenance, have fairly bushy, unruly brows, and have been searching high and low for a brow gel with tint, maliability, and hold for a very long time. This fits every single bit of that ticket (now if only they would create a sister brow pencil)! It's formula is simultaneously creamy and waxy, which makes it have great hold, with an of equal part flexibility, and the added benefit of no caking and/or flaking. I am legitimately obsessed, and have this on my brows at least 97% of the time. All of that beauty comes packaged in a super minimal, extra aesthetic $16 tube.

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2. Cloud Paint

Cloud paint is one of my favorite inventions on this good green earth. I love a good cream blush, but it's incredibly difficult to find one that performs well. They either break down foundation, apply patchily, or they lack pigment. Glossier must have enlisted wizards to create this beautiful product, because it meets every expectation I've ever had for a cream blush. They apply beautifully to bare skin, and equally as well to a full base of foundation. They don't disintegrate the foundation, which is HUGE. They are also pigmented really well, and a little goes a long way. They are formulated with collagen to plump and smooth, and an innovative gel system that gives them an interesting, silky consistency. All in all, they're beautiful. They are sold in pairs for $30 or individually for $18.

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3. Lidstar

Lidstar is something I never expected to like, honestly. I am a big fan of eye shadow, and I'm generally not a fan of cream versions. This exceeded all of my expectations. Lidstar is specially formulated with pigments and multicolor floating pearl giving them a glittery, almost metallic finish. It gives an absolutely lovely wash of color, but can also be built into a more full color. The one negative thing I will say about these, is that they do not work well for me if I don't use a primer. They separate, crease, and slough off, which is really not ideal, because part of the appeal of these is that they are simple, quick, and easy. I personally don't mind taking the time to prime before hand; the end result is truly beautiful, aka: worth it. I typically blend them with a synthetic eye shadow blending brush (it's my favorite way!), but fingers work well, too. These are sold in pairs for $30 and individually for $18.

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4. Mask Duo

I had super high hopes for this mask duo, and I wasn't disappointed. They work great on their own, but I think they work better as a pair. Mega Greens Galaxy pack is an excellent purifying mask. It's formulated with creamy white clay that encourages clean pores, bitter orange peel to gently exfoliate, Leafy green phytonutrients that protect skin against free radicals, avocado oil and aloe to moisturize and condition, and superfruits to protect skin. This product is incredibly gentle for what it is and is jam packed with excellent ingredients. This mask is, at the end of the day, a purifying mask, so even though it has tons of rejuvenating components, you should still be diligent in combatting any irritation it may cause by thoroughly moisturizing after use. IN COMES MOON MASK! Moisturizing Moon Mask is my FAVORITE of the two. I have dry skin, and this is like a nice, big drink of water for my face. It's, obviously, a moisturizing mask, that contains an oxygenating agent to deliver oxygen to stressed skin cells, natural emolients like shea butter, squalane, almond oil, and soybean oil (all of which are excellent moisturizing agents), licorice root and lemon for brightening, Hyaluronic Acid which facilitates water retention, and honey and aloe to soothe. I use this particular mask more than the Mega Greens, but they work excellently in conjunction with one another. Life hack: wear Moisturizing Moon overnight to wake up with brightened, extra hydrated, plump skin! Overall, I love these. I love them individually, and I love them together. They retail for $22 individually or $40 for both.

What are YOUR faves? Thanks for reading alone, friends. Until next time, cheers.