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Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Youthful-Look Foundation Thoughts

So, spoiler alert, I think this foundation is pretty dang great, and for a few reasons, but I also think it would not work well for a large number of people. To get my full perspective on the product, watch the video above.

I do want to add a few things I failed to mention in this video, however (I am actually kicking myself for failing to include literally all of these things *facepalm*). The Shameless foundation is a true medium coverage foundation, with added SPF25. It's super lightweight and breathable, with the tactile experience of a sheer coverage foundation (which, hello, spring and summer, y'all!). I don't find it to be buildable, and actually think that the less you apply, the better (compensate with concealer, babes!), and applying it the way I referenced in the video gives the best finish. Also, I absolutely love the packaging. It is much improved over the Re(marc)able foundation, which has a beautiful bottle, but is impractical in most every other way. This particular packaging is made of lightweight plastic, is compact, has a squeeze dispense mechanism, and the product doesn't stick to the bottle (yay for zero foundation waste!). Lastly, I want to mention that there is a pretty impressive shade range in this foundation (29! No Fenty Beauty, but not too slouchy either). My skin tone is historically difficult to match, most brands make shades too yellow/pink, etc, but Marc Beauty has always had good matches for me, which makes them one of my favorite brands for base products, honestly. There are an extreme amount of mixed opinions on this foundation but, while this isn't my new daily driver, it's definitely a new essential in my kit.

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NOTE: You can find this product at Sephora for $46USD.