About Me

Hi! Welcome. I'm Morgan. I'm 26 and I'm passionate about things. This blog has come to exist because of my passion for certain things. I love make up, skincare, fashion, and food (especially food, tbh) and I've been long searching for a way to express my thoughts and feelings towards these topics. So here we are.

My Story

My passion for skin care and beauty was sparked by my life long battle with acne. I've spent a decade and a half learning how to manage my skin condition, and through that I've learned a lot about the beauty of the beauty industry. I fell in love with it. I am now a chronic experimenter, and a thorough researcher. I like to take all of the information I gather and share it for anyone to see. I initially started a YouTube channel, which I still maintain, to publish content that I thought would be useful to fellow acne sufferers. That hobby grew into a passion, and has now stretched into several social media outlets.

On the more personal side, I am a 26 year old, history-degree holder residing in Kentucky. I'm married to a beautiful man, have three adorable cat-babies, and a hamster (that I adopted recently because I decided it was absurd for a human to go there entire life never having shared space with a tiny creature). I practice yoga and am a dairy-free pescatarian, who loves the challenge of eating out. I read often and research a lot. I love interiors but don't feel I could ever be an interior designer (respect). If I were a student at Hogwarts, I believe I would be a Ravenclaw. I really enjoy Disney, because it's clean and beautiful. And I really only like winter until Christmas is over. I could eat brussels sprouts every day, and I can't go a single day without chocolate. I'm an open book.